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The Zanzibar archipelago consists of about 50 islands, starting from tiny outcrops to the larger, more populated islands of Zanzibar, more properly called Unguja and Pemba. The beaches are always stunning, with powdery white sand, shaded by palm trees.

The ocean is shallow, but venture further out into the sparkling, turquoise water and you will find coral reefs for nice snorkelling and diving. The larger islands are lush and highly fertile, all year round the air is suffused with the aroma of fruit and spices: it’s an intoxicating, exotic atmosphere.

Zanzibar holidays

Zanzibar holidays and best Zanzibar Activities

Jozani forest tour in Zanzibar is an half day guided tour. The forest is also known as jozani chwaka bay national park. This forest holds the rare Red Colobus Monkeys that can not be seen anywhere else in the world.

Tourists may have to start by visit the natural forest whereby the smaller trees and bushes make several sub-canopies under the highest canopy. however this attraction (natural forest) and the nature walk are just options to our clients.

You may will be also walked through nature trail (nature walk) of the forest, which is an habitat for many animal species and mainly Red Colobus Monkeys. Many of the tourists have much interest with only seeing the red colobus monkeys, and therefore they can spend some time to see this attraction and they can get back to their hotel or ahead to the other day tours if they did book to do so.

What you will do.

The forest is best known for its kirks red colobus monkeys (kima punju in swahili), which are endemic to Zanzibar. About 10 years ago, the monkeys were considered to be in danger of extinction, but this trend has since reversed due to the conservation project. There are about 6000 red colobus monkey residing in Jozani Forest.

See the Red Colobus monkeys.

Walk on a boardwalk in mangrove forest.

Other species to see: bush pigs, Ader’s duiker and suni antilopes, elephant shrews, chameleons Lively birdlife.

Dolphin tour in Zanzibar is an half day Tour which is done at kizimkazi fishing village, south coast of the island, the main attraction in this tour is being able to swim close to the dolphin, for those who are lucky they can even get to play with them for couple of hours, the village is the home to several schools of fish and bottle-nosed dolphins and Humpback dolphins, . which are found just few metres from the beach. kizimkazi is also known for its historical site of the old mosque which was built 12th century ago.

Please understand that this tour is subject to change when weather condition is not fair, If the wheather is not suitable we shall inform you before in order to postpone the tour.. or you may call us in the morning for the reconfirmation of your hotel pickup.

For those who like to do snorkeling, we promise them this is the best opportunity to them, please come with your swim suits and be ready to get wet, masks, swimming glasses and flippers will be provided.

The old mosque of kizimkazi village has great history of Islam and persian world to East African region, therefore, the kizimkazi old mosque has become the famous tourist attraction for locals and internationals.


Stone town tour is a roughly three hours guided tour begins and ends at your hotel. The tour may commence either at the City Market at darajani or near forodhani garden and covers all historical sites and monuments places.

You will be driven or walk (optional) to all the National Museum of Zanzibar (opened 1925) to see interesting relics. You leave and head along the waterfront to Shangani street- Old British Consolate, the House of Wonders (built in 1883), the Arab Fort (built in the 1700), From here, you proceed on a leisure walk through the Bazaar streests along with narrow streets of Stone Town (old part of the Zanzibar city) where most of the buildings are dilapidated and date back into almost 2 centuries ago. In this part of the town, you will find series of small and exotic bazaars and curio shops.

Town Market, Old Slave Market and Slave Chambers, spice market, fruit market, fish and chiken market, Africa House (former English Club), Tippu Tip House, Freddie Mercury house, Kele Kele Square, The Memories Of Zanzibar Curio Shop, Old British Consulate, Orphanage Home, Old Fort, Fordhani Gardens, House of Wonders, Sultan Palace (now Palace Museum), Custom House, Old Dispensary, Old Harbour, are among the interesting sites on this guided tour of Zanzibar.

Wild Excursions and Travel offer execursion to the prison island which is famous for giant tortouse and snorkeling.

Giant land tortoise in the old Zanzibar prison, white sandy beach, bar and restaurant,snorkeling reef and colorful corals with lots of fish to see and the boat cruise.Prison Island a historical island 30 minutes off stone town by motor boat.

The main attractions:

  • Zanzibar tortoises.
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Beach relaxation
  • Historical site

The island was meant to be a prison to discipline the cruel slaves but before that, it turned out to be a quarantine from serious ailments for the East African traders and sailors before the giant tortoise introduced which were brought from Seychelles as a reward to the Zanzibar state to which take a big interest to visitors to the island now. They are big, old and friendly land tortoises to welcome you take pictures as you would like.

Wild Excursions and Travel offer execursion to the spice farms in zanzibar to experince the local spice farming to the table for you to taste it. This tour is a walking tour in a spice farm (shamba). While there, you shall see how the spices, herbs and fruits grow and are cultivated. Your tour guide will describe how the crops can be used. You will be smelling and tasting spices, herbs and tropical fruits such as clove, lemongrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, vanilla, coconuts, papaya, chili, black pepper, jackfruit, cardamom, cassava and oranges. After the tour you will enjoy a traditional swahili lunch at the farm. Here is when you can really taste the different ways of using spices. On request we can also take you to an essential oil distillery where you can also create your own fragrance! The tour finishes with a stop at a spice stall selling fresh packaged spices (cash only). The tour price already includes tips for farm workers, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Wild Excursions and Travel offer execursion to the sea adveture with its Safari Blue Tour.

Your full-day Safari blue experience will start embarking on a traditional dhow from the Fumba fishing village.

Aboard you will get to know the sea and shores of Zanzibar, islands and coral reefs of a pristine conservation region, the Menai bay, with a chance to take a dip in front of the naturally occurring sandbanks. After a refreshing swim rest on the white sand with a coconut tree providing shade. The crystal clear turquoise water is appreciated also by the dolphins and you can easily see some swimming around the area..

You will visit a 200 hundred years old baobab tree, and the persistent ones may try to climb it and enjoy breathtaking views. With a little luck, you might even see gigantic coconut crabs, living in the hollow trunk.

Another great opportunity for a swim is in a mangrove lagoon on Kwale Island. Swimming through the branches is quite a special experience! Fingers crossed for a high tide to even enhance it!

In between, you’ll sink into the deep blue with your mask and snorkel, swim, perhaps even with a dolphin around .

Wild Excursions and Travel offer execursion to the restaurant in the middle of occen on the top of the Rock.

Located in a unique position on a rock in the middle of the Indian Ocean, The Rock Restaurant is a charming exclusive restaurant that in a very short time has become one of the icons of the island. The Rock has been founded in July 2010 by a group of partners. One of them is also founder and partner of Kichanga Lodge and Dongwe Ocean view, respectively a lodge and a boutique hotel in Zanzibar.

The Rock was originally a fisherman post, and is located in the middle of the sea in front of Michanvi Pingwe beach on the south-east coast of the island.

Entirely restructured and decorated within a simple style inspired to local style, the restaurant is specialised in seafood and serves up to 12 tables, all facing an unforgettable view on the sea and the coast. A panoramic terrace is also available to welcome the guests for a drink or to enjoy a romantic evening under the African sky.

Clients can reach the restaurant by foot with low tide or by boat with high tide, boat service is offered by the property.

Wild Excursions and Travel offer execursion to enjoy the best view of the unforgetable sunset view in Zanzibar.

Step onto the deck of our vessels, relax and let us sail you away on a magical sunset cruise to end your day.

Our sunset cruises leave Stone Town in the late afternoon to cruise along the coast, slicing through the clear turquoise water.

Musicians take over the sounds playing taarab, songs of love and loss, on violin, as the crew serve canapés and keep your glass topped up with your choice of a selection of beers, sodas and drinking water encouraging you to sink back into the cushions and enjoy the romance of Africa while watching the scenery drift by.

After a pickup at your hotel, you’ll start this fun day with a visit to the Nakupenda beach – nakupenda means ‘I love you’, and you will feel loved there – gentle sand spilling over your feet while walking, mellow waves caressing your body and super-friendly personnel tending your needs. Swim, sunbathe and snorkel the crystal clear waters. After a dive, you’ll surely be ready for a sumptuous beach lunch, including grilled shrimps, squid, octopus, lobster, and langoustine – depending on the daily catch. Filled with energy for a new adventure wave goodbye to Nakupenda beach and board a boat for a good-half-an-hour ride to Prison Island.

also known as Changuu island or Quarantine island.In 1893 the former British prime minister of Zanzibar purchased the island and built a prison complex on it, but it never served to its intended use! It was used as a quarantine station for yellow fever cases. Today the building is a ruin, but it serves as a guesthouse for tourists. You will the giant tortoises’ reserve, where you will admire, pet, and even feed these magnificent, ancient, peaceful creatures. In 1919 four Aldabra giant tortoises, a gift from the governor of Seychelles were brought here. They find Prison Island a great environment and bred freely. Today, many tortoises are welcoming you, and the first settlers are still among them! There is also a nursery for baby tortoises, where you can see baby tortoises of different ages. A great encounter for everyone, especially for kids.

The most popular beaches of Zanzibar are in Nungwi. This is mostly because the tides do not have such a huge impact on the beach. But, did you know that Nungwi is also the capital of local dhow manufacturing? Find out all about how these impressive sailing vessels are made and get the chance to see local craftsmen in action. Later, enjoy lunch including one complimentary drink at a local restaurant. After that, experience a real turtle sanctuary. Here, turtles are treated and healed of any illnesses before being released to the ocean. Get the chance to swim with these incredible animals and feed them.  All fees paid here contribute towards turtle welfare and the education of tourists on their impact on the local environment.

During a guided tour through the Jozani National Park, guests will see the different species of monkeys, impressive trees and plants. Guest will uncover the magical world of the Zanzibari mangroves while walking along the wooden trail. This tour is combined with a visit to the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and see them flying in close proximity.

This is the full day combined experiences tour; of kuca cave with the nearest The rock restaurant

On the same day, you will visit both two unique places. 

In this tour you will start with exploring the Kuza Cave ( jambiani ) Kuza Cave in Jambiani, East Coast Zanzibar offers a unique experience for adventurous nature-lovers, snorkellers, divers and people interested in Swahili Culture. The cave is a 50 metre round sink hole in the middle of a small jungle in Jambiani, East Coast Zanzibar. Cross a small bridge and walk down a few stairs to enter an underground oasis. The circular shape of the cave is a result of over 250,000 years of rainwater eroding the limestone. A large natural rock sculpture in the shape of an elephant is used by locals as an alter to make offerings to the spirits who live in the cave and request their support.The cave is accessible by a few stairs and wooden decking so people with a general fitness level can enjoy this hidden wonder tucked away in the tropical jungle of Jambiani.

After some time at the kuza cave, you will leave ahead to the Rock Restaurant One of the popular restaurants in Zanzibar. You probably will have seen pictures on different social media of travelers eating out or taking photos near the Rock Restaurant, built on top of the rock surrounded by the ocean during high tide. 

The Rock Restaurant located on the southeast coast of Zanzibar, at Michamvi Pingwe beach village, is an ideal restaurant for couples, family, and friends. They offer a variety of fresh seafood like Octopus, squeed, oysters, lobster & prawns, and so on.