Wild Excursions & Safaris

7 Days Safari To Tarangire, Serengeti, The Ngorongoro Crater & Kilimanjaro Excursion

7 Days




Day 1: Arusha To Tarangire

We will pick you up from your hotel at 7:30am and after being familiar to the guide, chef & other clients we will drive to Tarangire national park (2hr drive) famous for its diverse landscape. The park is particularly known for the abundance of Ancient Baobab trees & having the largest concentration of elephants in the whole country and provides unique chances to observe the interaction between elephant families. We will do a game drive through the park depending on where they are reported sightings of animals (mostly predators, lions, cheetah & leopards as they are harder to spot) as herbivores (giraffes, wildebeest, zebras etc. are plenty to see through the park.

Later on will go to the Tarangire river picnic site and enjoy the beautiful view of the river & animals while having lunch, small monkeys & baboons will try to scare you of your lunch but there is nothing to worry about

After lunch will proceed with the game drive and exit the park around 4:30pm where will head to our accommodation (sun bright lodge & campsite/fig big tree lodge) for dinner & sleep

Meals included:

  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 2: Mto Wa Mbu To Serengeti

After breakfast you will drive from mto wa mbu to Serengeti which takes 6 hours (includes all stops) as it transits through the Ngorongoro conservation area


Stop at: Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Arusha Region


Will briefly stop at the gate and view point to look at the breath taking view of the crater

Duration: 20 minutes 


Stop at: Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Arusha Region


Visit Maasai village, its optional to visit and explore the culture of the great Maasai tribe known for chasing lions of their kill and hunting lions to be considered a warrior, drinking raw animal blood though these traditions are thing of the past with exception of drinking blood you can surely learn something


Duration: 20-45 minutes

This is an optional visit not included in the price

And many clients opt against it 

Entrance is 10 - 20usd



Serengeti National Park


Arrive in late afternoon and do a game drive in Seronera (center of Serengeti) to late evening and experience the sunset in Serengeti while having close view of wild animals lucky enough seeing a predator hunting or on a kill, later heading to Seronera camp site

note: can still view animals from camp mostly hyenas there is close protection from active rangers so no worries 


Meals included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Accommodation included: overnight at seronera camp site





  • Camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags & mattress are provided)
  • Tents are set up for you
  • Camp grounds are not fenced but there is protection from armed rangers (camping is safe, also advised not to roam far of the camp & refrain from getting closer to the animals as animals will likely run or attack if they feel threatened)
  • Bathrooms facilities are shared, in Serengeti no warm showers in ngorongoro warm showers are available
  • Dining & kitchen designated areas are also present
  • Bathrooms facilities are shared at the camp site so like any public bathroom it can miss toiletries or not be in the best sanitary conditions (advised to have toiletries)



Tip: now that you know better on camping if it’s not your preferred option you can upgrade to a lodging trip that will stay to lodges & tented camps all with proper beds & private bathrooms


Day 3: Serengeti

In this day will go to the wider parts of the Serengeti south/east/west depending on wildlife movements, so after an early breakfast will go on an early game drive, we will later have lunch and continue the game drive to evening then return to the campsite for dinner & overnight stay

note; animals can be spotted on campsites


Meals included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Day 4: Serengeti

Seronera, Serengeti National Park

After an early breakfast will go on an early game drive seeing a lot of animals till afternoon where will head to camp for lunch and packing doing a game drive while we exit the Serengeti heading to Simba campsite (2hrs drive) near rim of ngorongoro crater

note; animals can be spotted on campsites


Meals included:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Accommodation included: overnight stay at simba campsite ngorongoro


Tip: on this night it gets cold between 6 – 14 degrees, its advised to have a sweater & long pants


Day 5: The Ngorongoro Crater

 Ngorongoro Crater, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Arusha Region

After an early breakfast will descend the crater (6:15 am) on a journey to find the black rhino, rhinos are the hardest to spot in the beautiful crater as most animals will be easier to spot from this park due to it being a floor crater

After lunch will do game drive and ascend the crater to camp and pack for the trip to (sun bright lodge & campsite/fig big tree lodge) near lake manyara national park (be prepared for swimming if interested)

Meals included

  • breakfast
  • Lunch
  • dinner

Day 6: Lake manyara national park

After breakfast will go to the lake Manyara national park famous for the large number of flamingoes in the lake & it’s tree climbing lions (though they are rarely seen)

We will do a game drive viewing plenty of birds, lucky enough you can spot these famous tree climbing lions, visit the hippo pool for close look of hippos and the hot spring all this while doing a game drive and viewing plenty of animals (buffaloes, wildebeest, warthogs, vultures, eagles, monkeys etc.)


Day 7: Kilimanjaro day excursion Materuni waterfalls

Materuni is the home of the Chagga tribe and is still an authentic tribal village. This charming place is just 15km away from Moshi Town and is the last village before the Kilimanjaro National Park.


First you will visit the waterfalls, which are around a 40-minute walk away. On the way, your guide will inform you about the culture of the Chagga, village life and explain the surrounding fauna and flora. The views are truly breathtaking, and with some luck you will see the summit of

Kilimanjaro. When you reach the waterfalls, you will see that they are more than 80 meters high. The pool at the bottom of the waterfall is an inviting place for a refreshing swim so don‘t forget your swimwear!


After having enjoyed the scenery, you slowly return with your guide to Materuni village, where you will experience a traditional Chagga lunch. You also will have the opportunity to taste our local banana beer – definitely not to be missed!


Tip: Chagga tribesmen are Tanzania’s finest brewers


Coffee tour


But that’s not all. Next the coffee experience awaits you. Here you will learn how coffee is cultivated, dried, roasted and further processed. You will also be invited to help with the

grinding of the coffee, which is traditionally accompanied by Chagga songs and dances - a fun way to immerse yourself in the local culture. Before you say goodbye, you can savor the coffee you made and appreciate the views of the surrounding rainforest.


Kikuletwa hot springs


After the coffee tour in Materuni your trip continues to the Kikuletwa Hot Springs. The ride to the hot springs takes about an hour and 20 minutes and leads partly over bumpy slopes


Enjoy a wonderful afternoon in just the way you want, in the sun dozing, chatting with the locals at the small bar, or swimming - you determine the course. We leave the hot springs in the late afternoon (just before sunset) and return relaxed to the Kilimanjaro airport

After safari transfer to the airport included