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Tanzania Bike Safari 2023


Wild Excursions & Safaris has reached an agreement of exclusivity with different organizations to promote routes for Bike Safari. It’s the cleanest means of transportation and the one that less deteriorates the land.

Why Book Bike Safari With Us?

We’re the trailblazers in making bike safaris. Our experience and hard work have made us suitable to offer unusual routes such as Mountain Biking Tours, Maasai Village Biking Tours, City Tours, and many more. We offer stylish print safari in Tanzania with conditioning on the bike, in remote places that aren’t accessible easily, then this mode of transportation will help your reach there. Our biking tours make a great cultural component to any safari or climb.

For those looking for an active safari, where the experience is intensified by your method of transportation, then a cycling/bike safari may be perfect for you. You can ride at your own pace, completely under your own power; a truly enjoyable safari experience!
Going on safari need not be about sitting in a 4×4 Land cruiser vehicle with an open rooftop, and doing twice-daily game drives. Whilst these are indeed astounding and great for getting close to wildlife sightings such as a cheetah kill, we also facilitate safaris that use alternative forms of transportation.

Cycling is an activity that really adds to the pleasure of a safari! You have the thrill of being active and moving under your own power and the added satisfaction of being able to reach areas that game-drive vehicles may not be able to take you.

There are thousands of miles of single-track routes in Tanzania to explore.

Biking safari does not get better than what is available in Tanzania. Most of these paths are nice and smooth and easy to ride. Obviously, there are more challenging routes for the adventurer. The mountain bike safari is designed to give you both wildlife and cultural experience.

We offer day trips to Moshi and to local villages nearby that can be tailored to all fitness levels.


A Race Like No Other (ARLNO)   is a 4-day mountain bike race (29 May – 1 June) in the scenic and seldom traveled backcountry of northern Tanzania.  Cyclists race 4 stages through stunning landscapes and extraordinary wildlife areas, from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro to the shores of Lake Natron. The 4 days of racing are nestled inside a larger, all-inclusive 8-day / 7-night Tanzanian experience.

We may make a few changes to the 2023 course, but 2022 was 265 kilometers (165 mi) long and over 4720 meters (15500 ft) of vertical ascent. Our courses always offer varied terrain, spectacular scenery and wildlife viewing, and the opportunity for racers to experience an incredible new culture.

Food and Accommodation

We provide all food (3 meals per day + race feed zones) and drink (alcohol included, friends), accommodation, race transport, logistics, park fees, and emergency evacuation insurance.  Racers are responsible only for Tanzanian visas and flights in and out of Kilimanjaro Airport.

Accommodation for the first 6 nights is in four race villages complete with tents, mattresses, toilets, and simple hot water shower facilities. Electricity is limited, but charging stations are provided. Food in race villages is fresh, delicious, and plenty.  The coffee is hot, and the beers are cold.  Our chefs have years of experience cooking in the backcountry and do not disappoint.  Vegetarian dishes are available, and we do our best to provide for those with dietary restrictions.

Who can ride?

  • Both professional and amateur mountain bikers, no qualification required. While ARLNO is a race, and we do record times for finishers, the course has been designed to be enjoyable for both elites and adventurers. The front end will be fast, but many riders come primarily for the challenge, the scenery, and the wildlife — and we encourage these cyclists to turn up (it may just be that they have the most fun).

  • Youth under the age of 18 must have a guardian’s permission to participate. Youth under 16 years old are not guaranteed entry and must go through an application process. Email us for more info.

  • Participants are responsible for ensuring they arrive at ARLNO with the necessary fitness level to participate.

  • A full medical checkup by a doctor is recommended prior to ARLNO. Each rider must also provide proof of insurance and sign a personal indemnity form before participating.


Bike Safari